The folklores of old Greece have molded societies and narrating in the western world all through the hundreds of years since their creation. Nearly everybody knows all about the Greek pantheon and their accounts. Regardless of whether you know it, large numbers of our everyday articulations and figures of speech come from these legends.

Little marvel that the narratives of Antiquated Greece are as yet being told today. The undertakings of old fanciful legends like Theseus, Odysseus and Achilles are staples of film and writing in the 21st hundred years and have advanced into different media including TV, melodies and even openings.

The Age of the Gods™ series comprises of the absolute most famous spaces on the web. With more than twelve games in the series, also Live Club variations, Age of the Gods™ is both in a real sense and metaphorically titanic in the realm of online club. Like Kaos in the mythos, the just named Age of the Gods™ is the first game that brought forth the series. We should find out what makes it unique.


With a lot of Greek divine beings to browse, this game has six of them showing up on the reels. Hercules, Athena, Poseidon, Aries, Aphrodite and obviously Zeus are lucrative images on this five-reel game. The tree wreath wild is, fittingly, the crown of the images with the possibility to pay out up to 500x your bet. These reels turn before the strong Mount Olympus in a shady and ethereal setting, with divine music to entertain you as you turn.There are four Moderate Bonanzas to be dominated in the first match.

AGE OF THE GODS™ Extra Elements

The Greek god images in this game aren’t only here to look decent and give more lucrative win blends. The Pantheon of Force include is set off when every one of the five line up on any dynamic payline. The heavenly award? A cool 200x payout on that line bet.

Age of the Gods™ likewise gives you four different free twists extra highlights, each named for an alternate God. Set off via landing at least three dissipate images in the base game, you’ll be provoked to browse a progression of gold coins until you match three of the divine beings to start a free twists highlight.

Zeus Free Games: highlighting an extra wild image as well as a success multiplier that builds each three twists.Athena Free Games: each twist has an irregular success multiplier from 2x to 5x the base free twists rewards.

Poseidon Free Games: up to an additional five wilds will be added to the reels.Hercules Free Games: a stacked wild fills the whole third reel during free twists.

AGE OF THE GODS™ Moderate Bonanza

One of the greatest draws of this game, and the series all in all, is the four-level Moderate Bonanza. This can be set off on any twist during the base game. The Power Big stake is the littlest, trailed by the Additional Power, Super Power and Extreme Power bonanza.

Players will win one of four big stakes by choosing from a sceen of coins similarly as picking free games. Match three images and you’ll win the comparing big stake.

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